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Before cars, bikes, and buses, people used to get around by horses. With the original horse power dynamism, horseback riding gave people a great form of transportation along with a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors. When you visit Western Pleasure Riding Stable, you are able to get a peek of this grand experience!

Whether you are looking for a leisurely expedition or would like to partake in some riding lessons, Western Pleasure Riding Stable is proud to offer phenomenal horseback riding services with only the most beautiful and well maintained horses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Our horseback riding lessons are taught by skilled, knowledgeable instructors who have worked with horses for many years. With a knack for safe riding and personal friendships with these animals, our instructors will be able to teach you the ins and outs of proper horseback riding.

For those who are just looking to try something new or would like to have a tour of the nature sites in Santa Rosa Beach, there is no better way to experience these scenes than our guided nature trails. Along these horseback journeys, you will be led by one of our exceptional tour guides as you learn and explore the wonderful history of these earthly landscapes.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an impeccable way to host your child’s unforgettable birthday, we offer fun-filled pony parties for your child and his or her friends to enjoy. With dining areas for your yummy cake and ice cream and friendly, loving ponies to ride, we provide a one-of-a kind experience that your child will never forget.

Western Pleasure Riding Stable has been the chosen horseback riding facility in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and we pride ourselves in administering a safe, pleasant, and first-rate experience for horseback riders here in Santa Rosa Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today to reserve your equestrian adventure!


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